[Boatanchors] [CARSHamRadio] Re: transistor help needed

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sat Sep 5 12:28:54 EDT 2009

Let me try again.  There is some data here:


The case is B36 or TO-25. I'd think all transistors w/ those cases have a
standard pinout.

If you look at the links for the 2N224, there is a drawing with leasd
labeled 1,2,3.  SIGH.



> Thanks to all that responded to my transistor question.
> However, I still do not know which lead is which!
> The original transistor is a PHILCO 2N224. It has a red line adjacent to
> one
> of the leads and the general consensus is that this lead is the collector.
> Now, looking at it from the bottom with the red mark (collector) toward
> you.
> is the base on the left or right side????
> If it follows the 'normal' diagram, the emitter would be on the left and
> this is the part that I am not sure of!
> Any other ideas?
> TIA es 73
> Gene, WØQFC
> Spring Hill FL
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