Coaxial variable capacitors

Deane McIntyre dmcintyr at UCALGARY.CA
Tue Sep 29 16:12:12 EDT 2009

On 29-Sep-09, at 2:00 PM, Michael Tauson wrote:

> YEs, I know, way too many messages but it has been a bad night and
> this is better than fighting the night demons ...
> Anyway, I was thinking about coaxial capacitors and realized I had no
> clue what to use to determine the plate size - the surface of the
> inner piece, that of the outer one or some average between them.  None
> of the reference material I've found on line or in my collection of
> eBooks has been of any help so if some kind soul could point out the
> obvious to me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Look at section 2.2 in the following PDF document:



Deane McIntyre VE6BPO

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