Gonset speaker replacement

Emil Dular wd4scz at AOL.COM
Thu Apr 22 09:49:25 EDT 2010

I've got Gonset IV with a bad speaker, voice coil is open. It is a 3.2 ohm 3.5 inch square, Gonset part number 152-017.  The size is tough enough to find, but the original has an ALNICO magnet and all the possible modern replacements I can find have the big round ceramic magnets. The problem is that the big new type magnet will not fit.  I don't know who made the speaker for Gonset in 1961 but there is SP-CO-243 printed on the backside of the cone.

So anybody have a good speaker that will fit and they will sell?

73 es tnx Emil WD4SCZ

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