A Heathkit HW-18-1 for sale really cheap --

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Thu Apr 22 12:16:44 EDT 2010

Hello everyone !

As I continue to do my best to "pare down" restoration projects I'll never
get to, here's another one.

It's a mess.  It's an HW-18-1 Civil Air Patrol/MARS transceiver that's been
modified for additional channels.

Crystals in it are for 4,469.0, 7,981.4, 6.888.7, and 4,582.0.

A "Plate Tune" adjustment has been brought out to the front panel.

A mic jack has been placed where the mic cord used to go through the front

A potentiometer has been mounted where the "Local - Distant" switch used to
be --
probably an RF gain control, but I haven't traced it out.

There are two small holes (about 1/4 inch) in the front panel to allow (I
carrier balance without removing the unit from its case.

A 12BY7 is missing.  I spot-checked several of the smaller tubes --
they're a bit low, but otherwise OK.

I haven't tried to check the finals, but at least they're present.

Chuck Penson's ""Heathkit - A Guide To The Amateur Radio Products" says this
unit is "quite rare."

I wish this one were completely unmodified, but at least it appears all the
parts are present to make it live again.

I'd like to find it a good home for $20 plus shipping.  It's going to take
work, but should make a rewarding project for someone. Photos on request.

Thanks !


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