Gonset speaker replacement

Emil Dular WD4SCZ at AOL.COM
Thu Apr 22 19:37:35 EDT 2010

A kind soul has stepped forward and hopefully that speaker will do the 

The avionics shop at work carries Quam. Their smallest currently cataloged 
replacement speaker is 4C3Z8FR which is an 8 ohm 4 inch.  The car 
restoration guys have nothing that quite makes it either. This size speaker 
was cheap and common looks like the 401-21 in a Heathkit signal tracer would 
be a direct swap.  No telling how many All-American 5 table  and clock 
radios used it because it was cheap! It's just not an industry standard any 
more.  Bendix 24 hole direct-cranking starters aren't either. But that's how 
it goes with 'common' stuff some time,  no body thinks it's worth saving so 
it gets rare.

73 Emil

First, try to find a kind sould that has one, second , see if you can find a
Quam replacement, third- if it is worth it to you, have it re-coned.


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