Gonset Communicator II power supply

Emil Dular WD4SCZ at AOL.COM
Thu Apr 29 21:02:23 EDT 2010

Have the schematic downloaded from BAMA which shows filter caps C94 and C94 but no values. The manual on BAMA for II has no parts list.

On the original communcator those same filter caps are labeled C61 and C62. They are listed as C61 as 12 mfd, 450 volts, while C62 is 30 mfd. 

While the original's  supply is 6 volt and the Communicator II is 12 volt, the differences are before this stage in the circuits. The B+ is the same for both. I've got a 20  mfd and 40 mfd 450 volt caps on hand. Is there any reason why these should not do just fine as substitutes? Especially as the vintage caps were likely something like -20 +50% while the new ones are +/- 20%

What's the collective wisdom on this?

 thanks Emil WD4SCZ

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