FS: Heathkit IM-10 VTVM

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Sat Aug 7 21:16:01 EDT 2010

More cleanup in the ham shack.  I have a very nice condition IM-10 VTVM  for 
sale.  This is a VTVM with a large meter - about 6" x 4-1/4".  The  VTVM is 
about 6-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 6".

Pictures are at:

The overall condition looks to be very good with the two exceptions noted in the 
picture album.
1.  The top handle is missing
2.  There is a crack in the bottom part of the plastic front on the meter 

The crack does not seem to affect the operation of the meter itself -  i.e. the 
needle mechanically moves nicely and sets to zero with no  problems.

The battery holder shows no corrosion.  No manual and no leads. I have  not 
tried this VTVM but I really don't expect it is going to take much  to get it 
going again - I would plan on new electrolytics, a new line  cord (3-wire with 
grounding) and a fresh C-size alkaline battery for the  ohms function. 

Price: $16 plus shipping.

Send me an email off-list and I'll give you an estimate on the shipping  (I 
would guess it would run about $10 to $12).  Payment by PayPal or  personal 


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