Bob Peters rwpeters at SWBELL.NET
Sat Aug 7 23:04:08 EDT 2010


Hi Guys and Gals, I have a great Bc1G F/S.It is 100% converted to 75 with Pi
Net and Vacuum Variables. All the control circuits have been redone with all
new industrial grade relays. It has the antenna changeover in it with an
external muting relay in it. It has 4 833's in it and 3 spare NOS along with
a bunch of 807's. Comes with 3 crystals 3.880/85/90. It came out of KOPY in
Corpus Christy Texas. It has 100% new iron in it from 2003 when the
transmitter site was flooded. Some Peter Dahl and some Gates. Puts out a
walloping signal with great Audio Reports. Pictures and story can be found
on my web site at 

Asking price is $2500.00. This is picked up in Dallas. I will supply people
to take it out of the shack the same way it came in. See my web site  ..

If you want to talk with me feel free to call at 972-288-9911 from 9 am to 8
pm I have a lot of extra gear that can go with it. The Audio Chain is 100%
BROADCAST QUALITY. I have pictures of it but  a lot to list. I will not sell
the Audio Gear till the person buying the transmitter says he does not want


Thanks to ALL.


Very Best 73's

Bob Peters





Money is only temporary, Radio is forever

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