Coaxial Cable

Richard Donley donley.dn at COMCAST.NET
Tue Aug 10 21:25:38 EDT 2010

I am getting restarted in ham radio after a long time and have some questions about coax. When I was on the air a long time ago, Belden was the choice for coax. Now there are several others like LMR, JSC and some others that don't really identify themselves. Prices vary considerably. What I want to do is have several rigs, amplifiers and meters connected in the shack with very flexible cables, and run a low loss line to the antennas via an antenna switch. I want to run from 6 to 80 meters at 100 to 200 watts with 800 to 1000 watts occasionally after I update my electrical wiring.

What should I use for the jumper cables inside and the cable to the antenna? Any comments about which manufacturer would also be appreciated.


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