Complete SB-104A Station

Ernie Kluft Ernie at EKLUFT.COM
Sun Aug 15 17:36:42 EDT 2010

	Seven years ago, awaiting hip replacement surgery, I again returned 
to amateur radio.  I thought some hamming would be great during my 
rehab.  I took a trip down memory lane and bought, piece by piece, an 
entire SB-104 A station.  I bought it, installed it, used it for a 
month or so, then unfortunately again lost interest. It's happened to 
me before, 66 now, licensed at 15.
	I'm now recovering from a new knee, decided I need to get rid of 
this before the wife or kids have to.  I haven't priced it out yet, 
but just want it to go to someone who actually would want it and at a 
fair price.  SB-104A, SB-604/1144, SB-230, SA-2060A, SB-614, SB-634, 
SB-644, HD-1410, HM-2140A, and manuals to most all. All worked great 
seven years ago, listening to the receiver now. I'm in Dallas. If 
interested, email me at K5EJK at   73's, Ernie

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