FS: Set of Amperex 3-500Z/8802 tubes

Charlie Hugg - K5MBX k5mbx at HUG-A-BUG.COM
Wed Aug 18 13:34:32 EDT 2010

FS: Set of Amperex 3-500Z/8802 tubes. These are excellent graphite anode tubes of the quality equal to the Eimac 3-500ZG, made in France, and marked 3-500Z/8802. They do required slightly more power to drive to full ouput than the Eimacs. These tubes are pulls but have at least 60 to 70 Percent of rated full output. They were pulled from a Henry 2K Classic. Price is $175 for the set plus shipping. R.F.Parts sells them for $320 each or $640 for the set. They will be double boxed and packed well. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX

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