Heathkit Gear For Sale

Ernie Kluft Ernie at EKLUFT.COM
Fri Aug 20 13:04:51 EDT 2010

	Last weekend, I advertised my complete SB-104A station...  There 
were numerous responses, and the first responder has agreed to 
purchase the station...   In addition to that set of gear, I bought 
"spares"....  Having been away for a bit, and knowing Heath isn't 
making the stuff anymore, I added to my collection at the time, 
thinking get it while the gettings good....  So here's what I have 
remaining, and what I would like to receive for them, shipping extra:

	SB-604/HP-1144A         $90

	SB-614			$100

	SB-634			$75

	SB-644A      		$100    I actually have two of these....

	All the cases are in excellent original shape, except for the SB-634 
where someone had added a speaker in the top of the unit (not bad, 
but not original)....  I can furnish pictures if requested, and all 
gear worked when I was serious about the hobby seven years 
ago...  These units have been in a closet for many years... I'll 
listen to reasonable offers....

	Also in my collection are not one but two HW-5400 stations with the 
power supply/speaker combo...  I'm open to offers on them....

	And lastly, my gear from 25 years ago: Hallicrafters SX-111 with 
matching speaker; HT-37 transmitter...  These guys worked when last 
used, but I'd guess no power has been applied in 15-20 years, offers 

	Contrary to what some may think, I'm not a gear trader, just a 
buy-and-hold kinda guy who thinks maybe it's time after all these 
years to reduce the collection...   73's  Ernie   K5EJK

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