The Clegg has been spoken for -- thanks !!

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Aug 23 11:00:41 EDT 2010

One caution to the person who got the radio:  The Clegg FM-27B puts out one, or more, spurious signals within the 2-meter band when transmitting.  Although those spurs are somewhat "down" from the fundamental they are definitely strong enough to activate repeaters and so forth.  The operator doesn't know that they are there until he/she gets a telephone call from other operators or is told by someone who finds the frequency on which the operation actually is.

I have an FM-27B that was sent to me to review when I was the first FM Editor of CQ Magazine.  You know that particular unit was carefully aligned before it was sent.  Depending on the desired transmit frequency, various other repeaters were consistently activated.  Of course, this was before CTCSS started being used on most repeaters.

There have been numerous reports from others who have used the FM-27B about these spurious signals.  Also, the receiver in the unit is very likely to get intermod when used in an area with a relatively high level of highband (150.8 MHz to 174.0 MHz) commercial operation.  For a while I was able to reduce this intermod by rigging the front end from a Motorola Motrac high band commercial unit between the antenna connector and the actual input to the receiver.  The Motrac front end uses loaded cavities and that definitely helps to reduce intermod.  Adding the cavities only reduced the sensitivity by less than 0.2 microvolts and the reduction in intermod was definitely worth the signal loss.

My FM-27B now sits on a shelf as a reminder not to actually use it!

Glen, K9STH


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The Clegg FM27B has been spoken for -- thanks !!


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