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>Among the 520 pounds of "good stuff" which followed me home from the
>scrap yard today is a "Majestic" Model 90 Electric Radio Receiver made
>by Grigsby-Grunow Company. Does anyone happen to have a schematic
>or know how old it is ? It's the complete chassis, tubes, and dial, and no
>cabinet which I suspect was wooden.

I own 2 of them, one in the "legs' console (called a highboy) and one
without a cabinet. The rare cabinet to find is the one with legs and a
cathedral top with doors on the front to cover the controls. It is quite a
sensitive and selective receiver for a TRF design. The left knob tunes the
antenna, which greatly improves sensitivity over the whole band. It is also
useful to attenuate a strong local station by detuning the antenna. If you
ever have to open the power supply to replace a filter cap, you will find
that they packed it with crumpled newspaper to keep parts in place, I got
one or two full readable pages out of mine, with dates confirming '29/30. If
the tube shields are lost, forget about ever peaking it for max performance,
it will squeal like a pig. You did not mention power supply, if you did not
get one, the rig runs 2 volts for the 27s and 5 volts for the 45s and about
240v B+.  If you get distorted audio check the wire wound resistors that
bias the 45s I've seen more than one model 90 where they corrode open if the
radio was in a damp location.

Have fun with it especially am dx

Paul Litwinovich

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