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Smith, Charlie charlie_smith at TEMPE.GOV
Wed Dec 8 14:36:50 EST 2010

Hello fellow Hams,


We in Tempe have been hosting this list for over 13 years now.
Unfortunately the software running the web archives has been placed on a
list of security risks. The software that is running this list is almost
as old as the list itself and in this economy we have no budget to
replace it. We can no longer obtain the necessary security rating to
conduct City business on the web with the web archives up.  So the
BOATANCHORS web archive at will be shut down
sometime today. This will not affect the emails. Only the web archives
are going offline. Also I need to make you all aware that we are working
on a plan to move our City lists to a new technology. When that happens
it might not be possible to continue supporting community discussion
lists like this one. We are talking about at least six months before
this will take place.


Sorry to be the bearer of this bad news. If any of you want to come
forward with resources to host this list somewhere else I would be glad
to help with the transition.


Charles Smith AD7MD


City of Tempe <> 


This list is a public service of the City of Tempe, Arizona

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