Gonset Communicator II's

J. Dave Mayfield laptop at GWLTD.COM
Mon Feb 1 22:54:04 EST 2010

I turned one into a very nice lamp for my desk at work, It gets lots of 
interest in it!

Dave 3885am.com

kd4e wrote:
> I had one of these as a kid when first licensed - no
> activity then - plus I lived out in the country.  Very
> disheartening.
> I may see if there are any at a local Savannah-area Fest
> this year - perhaps as a large door-stop or paper-weight
> for nostalgia!  (I remember when they were being dumped
> for $5. or $10. each years ago.)  Are they expensive collector's items 
> now?
> Good resource here, with a picture of the gray model:
> http://www.greenradio.de/htm2/b_gonset.htm
> If you stumble upon a Commander II (the HF transmitter)
> I have long sought one of those ... had one many years
> ago and let myself be talked out of it ... regretted that
> soon thereafter!
>> Hello, everyone on the list !
>> I have a couple of Communicator II's here in Albuquerque,
>> NM that I'd be willing to part with quite reasonably.
>> I'd hoped there'd be some 2-meter AM activity, but to
>> date, it's an FM world out here.
>> So -- for whatever's a fair price for 'em, I'll be happy
>> to let them go, since all I can do with them is talk to
>> myself!!
>> Mike/
>> Mike Langner K5MGR ______________________
>> PS -- sorry, they're not yellow.  They're YL approved
>> grey!

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