WE resistors

Chris Kepus ckepus at COMCAST.NET
Mon Feb 8 02:11:43 EST 2010

Having also been in this kind of situation several times buying parts to repair boatanchors, I do the following and hope that everyone who gets burned does the same.

I send the seller a message through the watery place message system and the same message by direct email.  The message states that the seller has not honored a written commitment (to combine items to save shipping costs) and that negative feedback will be issued unless he credits back $X.XX (some % of shipping cost) to my PayPal account.  The message also states that a complaint will be send to the watery place management.

Out of five such situations, four sellers have been willing to comply. One seller received negative feedback with a specific written reason ("seller did not honor promise to combine items").

Your mileage may vary....

Of course, I will never do business with them again and vice-versa.  

I wish I lived in a land of nearby weekly or monthly ham swap meets but I don't.

The watery place is my primary source of ham swap stuff.  Sadly, it has become a far less fun place for both buying and selling.  I know it’s a waste of time but I keep praying some well heeled entrepreneur will start another e auction place that offers viable competition to the watery place.  The one's that are out there now just do not attract the sellers. 

Good luck...

PS:  Lloyd is on my favorite sellers list.  The Blivets and Scorpions have always exceeded expectations.  (all disclaimers apply)


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Don't bet on it. I was just clipped $38.00 for 2 lbs parcel post after the seller said he combined shipping on items and shipped priority mail. Thanx
Lloyd  KK7IZ

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> You should report instances of excessive shipping costs to eBay.  
> David

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