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Chris Kepus ckepus at COMCAST.NET
Mon Feb 8 01:49:36 EST 2010

I recently gathered up 4 Minimus 77's (basically a Minimus but the case is slightly larger - woofers are the same size) at my favorite thrift for use in the ham shack and other areas of the garage.  Three of the units were just fine and sound good. The surround in the woofer of one of them was slightly damaged and needs to be replaced.  

The initial receivers that got a Minimus were the 75A-4 and SX-100. The speakers sounded real good on CW, SSB, and AM. To my ears, the Minimus sounded just as good as the Collins speaker and the Hallicrafters P-23.  Most importantly, they take up a whole lot less valuable operating space that can be used for receivers and transmitters. The Collins and P-23 speakers will take a place in the display area for the time being.

My questions and request for the group.

Has anyone replaced the Minimus woofer?  If so, would you please be so kind as to report on source, brand, model #, ease of physical replacement, and sound quality?

Has anyone installed a modified or replacement crossover?  Same questions as above.

Thanks es 73,


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On Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 3:07 AM, john <johnmb at> wrote:
> They seem to regularly sell on ebay for between 10 and $15 ea, which seems
> quite reasonable.  I got a pair at a fest last yr cheaply, but that's
> hamfest pricing....

They're pretty sweet little
speakers, especially with the cross over modified ever so slightly
(There are some other mods but I never tried them.) which made/makes
them popular with the folks like me who don't have space for anything
Michael, WH7HG

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