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Sun Feb 14 13:32:37 EST 2010

Looking at the 1937, 1939, 1941, 1946, and 1947 ARRL Handbooks (in the advertising section) the only VFO (ECO) listed prewar was in the 1941 and that was the Meissner Signal Shifter.  There were no VFOs (both external and internal) listed in the 1946 Handbook.

The 1947 Handbook lists the Supreme AF-100 transmitter with a built in VFO, the Collins 32V-1 transmitter and 70E-8 PTO, and the Meissner Signal Shifter.  No other VFOs are advertised.  However, VFOs, both internal and external, started becoming available on a regular basis after the war. 

Glen, K9STH


--- On Sun, 2/14/10, Wilson Lamb <infomet at EMBARQMAIL.COM> wrote:

I'm looking for a prewar transmitter to be roughly age compatible with my Comet Pro. I know about Leeds, Gross, Thordarson, but they are all crystal controlled, I think. I also know about the Signal Shifter and Variarm VFO. Is there a more powerful, 20+Watts, rig with integral VFO for which I could be looking.


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