Chuck j-mcclurg at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Sat Feb 27 22:42:44 EST 2010

Well I am going to start on a project that has been hanging fire for a while.  I have a Recorder, BC-1016 that was used to copy off air Morse signals on 3/8" paper tape.  I am looking for manuals for it (TM 11-441 and TM-4051) and most of all.........................3/8" paper tape!  ! !  I would like to find a source of either new or NOS.

I do not think that the manuals will be hard to find but the tape will be a bear!  This is the same width tape used in the TG034 code practice machine and I hope to able to make new tapes for my '34 when done.

Any one have a clue where to start???


Chuck McClurg

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