Free Meters/Parts

rick darwicki n6pe at YAHOO.COM
Sat Jun 12 23:22:02 EDT 2010

In the course of sorting thru about 300 panel meters and repairing/selling about 200 off, I have accumulated all styles of empty cases, meters that need a case, face plates, glass etc. etc.

I have stuffed about 25 various meters that need repair and as many cases and parts as possible in a LARGE Flat Rate Box.

There is a second REGULAR Flat Rate box stuffed with 4-5 meters with good movements but no matching case, a lot of old 3" square, 2-1/2 or so round cases, face plates, glass etc etc.

I hate to trash them so anyone willing to pay the shipping can have them, if you are close to Yorba Linda, CA you are welcome to pick them up.

Rick, N6PE
Remember, Some things are not worth doing well

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