Michael Tauson wh7hg.hi at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 15 11:30:33 EDT 2010

Okay, an update is in order.

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for the supportive emails.
They're greatly appreciated and I'll reply to them as I can.

I have a new address in Kapolei, a carry over from when I lived at
Barber's Point before, and am using this email address, at least for
now, in lieu of the ones.  I'll lose Roadrunner when I
move and I don't know what ISP is being used for the provided wireless
in the rooms.  It may be Hawaiian Tel which has an extensive wireless
network instead of DSL.

The Jeep blew the fuel feed line from the tank and spewed gas all over
the H-1 Interstate (Yeah, I know.  Why does an island have an
interstate highway?) and I decided I didn't want to fix it again.  So,
I sold it to a guy who does mechanic work for me for how much I
figured I would get as a trade in for the truck I want, a 1985 GMC
8x10 flatbed.  It's not pretty and I don't doubt it needs more work
than is obvious but it'll get me through the move and provide a
platform for the infamous mobile comm shelter.  I don't mind getting
my hands dirty doing what I can and I know Kapu can handle most
everything else so it's all good.

If I remember to take my camera, I'll take pics of the room I'll have
(which I think will be right across from my old one) and anything else
that looks exciting.  Assuming I manage this feat of mental prowess
(remembering the camera), I'll post the pics somewhere so you all can
be envious and stuff.  :-D

Okay, back to chewing through the leather restraints ...

BEst regards,

Michael, WH7HG
Hiki Nô!

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