TM 11-235 May 1945 original manual for SCR-536 -A -B -C -D -E & -F has been spoken for --

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Sat Jun 26 14:43:42 EDT 2010

Thanks to everyone who responded -- the manual has been spoken for three
times over.

It'll be going to the first responder -- a radio & communications museum

Again, many thanks to everyone !!


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free to a good home

Hello everyone !

Anyone have an SCR -536 A through F or know anyone who does?  I was recently
given an original War Department manual in such good shape it looks like it
was printed yesterday.

FREE for the first person that wants it.  Postage reimbursement appreciated
but not required.

The SCR -536 (*) is a 5 tube battery powered "handie-talkie" designed for
short range communications by "foot combat troops."


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