Heath Meter Movements

hudlerb1@netzero.com hudlerb1 at NETZERO.COM
Thu Mar 18 17:00:54 EDT 2010

Hello Anchorites:

A rather annoying symptom has been developing with the S meter in both my SB102 and SB101. 

Intermittently, out of the blue, the S meter drops to zero in receive. To bring it back to life, all you have to do is "shock it" by switching to plate volts and back and ur gud to go, for a while anyway. Obvious is cleaning the meter switch, that seems to help for a long while but it comes back in a week, month or longer.

I was thinking about taking the switch out and taking it apart to get at both sides this time. Or is it the movement itself? 

I've heard of guys "painting" the internal screws and such  with gold conductive paint to fix the bad connection internally. 

So, what u think??

Thanks Bruce 
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