FS - Tower, beams, rotator, cables, etc. at Zip 37830

Lewis C. Emerson lemerson at JUNO.COM
Mon Mar 22 01:23:35 EDT 2010

I am having to give up this great hobby,(of 65 years) and am selling everything.  One of the last to go (other than a zillion parts) is my Hy-Gain Crank-Up Tower, HG- 52SS, KLM 34-XA beam, Cushcraft 215-WB Beam, Ham-IV rotator, Two long runs of RG-213 lo-loss cables, w. "N" connectors, rotator control and cables, thrust bearing, Co-Ax stand offs, etc. $6-7K when new.  Asking $2000.  Pretty heavy (real boat anchor) near-by pick up (via long bed pick-up truck - tower nested is 22 feet)  more likely - Oak Ridge, TN  This has served me well for many years - world wide contacts, Russian Ham Satellites, etc. Will probably shed tears when it's gone.
Doc, W4ITJ  

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