[Milsurplus] can anyone id the radio used on this clipper?

Mike Hanz aaf-radio-1 at AAFRADIO.ORG
Fri Mar 26 21:33:28 EDT 2010

Dennis DuVall wrote:
> Are we sure that the picture in the video is of the actual radio  
> position on the Clipper that made the around the world flight at the  
> time of the event, not a photo from another time/aircraft?

Yeh, things are getting a little diffused here, Mac.  There were three 
different aircraft involved in the Pan Am Clipper program in the 1930s.  
The original youtube video that started this thread off was about the 
*last* of them - the Boeing 314.  The radio position of Dave Hollander's 
video appears to have the same radio set even though the Clipper was a 
1935 Martin M-130.   It appears that Pan Am simply preferred their own 
relatively unchanging radio designs to increasingly more capable 
commercial offerings as the 1930s wore on.  After all, the magnificent 
Boeing 314 was delivered to them in *1939* - sheesh!   I suspect they 
were about the only ones who were still using regen sets in aircraft by 
then.  Change does come hard to some folks....   :-P   In fairness, they 
had set up a worldwide HF comms network that worked extremely well, so 
perhaps Todd's observation about "if it ain't broke..." is a reasonable one.


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