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> Fellow Anchorites this is a corrected re-list from March.
> An HP Z3801A GPS based freq std in mint condition. Price $350. firm
> (+packing & shipping)
> Also comes w/ RS232 cable & control disc (you can watch it work via ur
> computer). A very desireable instrument for calibrating freq sub standards
> like ur IFR or HP counter, etc. It is also a clock that gives extreme
> accuracy time. This is a 6 channel unit, that searches for 6 satalites &
> automatically compares time / freq w/ all satalites it hears. I have the
> special antenna (new raydome) & about 35' of special coax. Has a built in
> rf rx amp. I think the spec is 24db gain. I looked this unit up on the
> internet & lots info there.
> I have been warring w/ myself since March if I really wanted to sell this.
> But I have some projects I need cash to complete so had to make a choice.
> If interested contact me off list.
> 73 es Dee
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