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howard holden holden7471 at MSN.COM
Mon May 31 21:43:38 EDT 2010

In prep for a westward move, I am thinning the herd.

Pair of Coast Guard R-1735 single channel solid state receivers on a rack mount. These RX have built-in tunable preselectors, AM, CW, SSB, RTTY selectable. One set for CHU on 3.330, other for 7.335. $40 the set.

Swan 500C transceiver, no PS or cover. Works but output is low, about 30-40W on CW.

Heath SB303/40 pair. transmitter works,output is about 60-70W, RX is usable but not very sensitive. The pair has some issues with TX/RX switching. TX has a big circular hole for a muffin fan that previous owner cut. With cables, manuals. $75 the set.

Eico 667 tube tester, case rusty but unit works. $40

Hallicrafters S-40B works but has significant issues, possible some RF coils need repair. $30

Johnson Adventurer transmitter works but has someone's poorly installed filter caps. $30

Eico 730 modulator chassis, no tubes or level indicator. All other parts there. $25

URM-26B 4-405Mhz signal generator, with cover, one attenuator, and one matching network. Was working, but I think it now needs a new osc tube. $25

Tecraft TR-20 2 meter transmitter, PTR-2 power supply, and a utility 5W PA amp. With paperwork. This was working years ago, not plugged in recently. $30 the set.

On all, no manuals unless otherwise indicated. No museum queens, all have significant wear and tear. Prices all plus ship from 07465, USPS only, stateside only. Pickups welcome. Reply off list only.

More stuff to follow at a later date.

Howie WB2AWQ

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