6360s, 7360 equivalents and DSB & SSB respectively plus OT Network attached storage

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Tue Nov 2 10:09:28 EDT 2010

The Swan guys used the 6JH8 as a sub.

> We all know about the fairly cheap and easy method of generating DSB by
> driving an amplifier’s grids in push pull, modulating the screens in push
> pull and tying the plates together in parallel.  This is all well and good
> but it leaves out a tube I liked from my sinful past, the 6360.  That little
> gem has the screens tied together so they have to be modulated as one.  My
> med-dulled mind can’t come up with a means to generate DSB with this
> connection although I seem to recall one somewhere in the dim misty past.
> Am I imagining this or is there a way to use the 6360 like this?
> A way back, the 7360 was a popular tube in sideband generators but it was –
> and is – a relatively expensive piece of glass and stuff.  Is there a less
> expensive kinda sorta more or less substitute I can use in its place?
> And finally, the OT bit: In building up the external storage for the new
> box, I’ve been looking at NAS vs. USB-attached drives and really have no
> clue if I’m better off using NAS or not.  Also, if I do, can I use the same
> router that lives between my PCs and my modem or do I need to do something
> else in the way of magic?  Also, what’s the best way to isolate them from
> the modem?  The box[es] will be running Samba or Snake, if that helps at
> all.
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Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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