Need Help Identifying Homebrew Boatanchor

Alan Gutfrucht agutfruc at CHICAGOGSB.EDU
Sat Nov 6 13:13:07 EDT 2010

Hello All,
I have agreed to try and bring back to life a friend's homebrew receiver
that was passed down from his grandfather. It has an almost exactly the same
tube complement as W1ZIF's "DCS-500" Double-Conversion Superheterodyne as
described in February, 1960 QST and again in the '63 and '64 handbooks. It
utilizes the three plug-in band coils (I have the 14 MC set) as the DCS-500
but it differs slightly in that there is no selectivity switch and the 5V4G
has been replaced by diodes. There is also a 12AT7 on the bottom and there
is one extra tube socket on top (empty but wired). I just started to trace
the circuit last night and it is also very similar in that it uses the same
Miller (6183) IF transformers although the count is one less (four instead
of five).
It is also missing two 4495 kc crystals and could use a source for those.
Any spares out there for sale?
I am sure that I can work through it but the task would be much easier if I
had a schematic to go with this. All I can think of up front here is that I
have a highly modified DCS-500. Any suggestions?
Alan, WB2FZC

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