FS: Tower, Beams, Rotator, Cables, etc.

Lewis C. Emerson lemerson at JUNO.COM
Mon Nov 8 21:57:55 EST 2010

Having lost my XYL of 61 yrs had to downsize, and now having to leave this wonderful hobby after 65+ years.
Selling self-supporting Ham tower with rotator, controller, thrust bearing, a tri-bander as well as a 2 meter beam and long runs of low-loss coax cables and rotator control cable.
*Tower is a Hy-Gain crank-up model RG-52SS tower designed to support twelve feet of antenna area in winds of up to 50 mph. This all steel tower has a guide system that allows the tubing to be open at each end insuring complete galvanizing and total moisture drainage. The tower has an extended height of 52ft and a nested height of 21ft. No guy wires are required. The construction is all-welded with leg guides and "W" configuration torsion resistant bracing. The plating is hot-dipped galvanizing.  A thrust bearing is included along with Hy-Gain's HG-COA coax arms. 
* The beam antenna covering the low bands is the popular four element KLM KT-34A trapless tri-bander in which the conventional traps, coils and capacitors are replaced by lossless linear loading and high-Q capacitors. The dual-driven element system allows broad band performance with a nearly constant low VSWR across the three bands. 
* Bell type rotator is the well-known and reliable Hy-Gain Ham IV Rotator with the shack control connected to the rotator with an 8-wire cable. 
*The 15 element 2 meter beam is a Cushcraft Model 215B broad band boomer SSB/CW FM Yagi covering 144-148 MHZ with a forward gain of 15.5dB, a Front to Back ratio of 24 dB, and a typical SWR of 1.2:1. 
* Two long runs of low-loss RG-213 coax cables w. "N" Connectors plus the rotator control cable are included along with all the original manuals. The tower mounting hardware is all Stainless Steel.

This equipment has been in use in my shack for many years and has provided reliable world-wide ham radio contacts with all continents as well as the Russian MIR satellite. This equipment can be picked-up only, at ZIP Code 37830 (East Tennessee). Please contact me with any questions you have. $1750 takes all and is a cash only transaction.

Photos available upon request.

Doc, W4ITJ

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