FS Winged Collins CC-3 Carrying Case

Emil Dular wd4scz at AOL.COM
Wed Nov 17 13:44:26 EST 2010

It was an AN/FRC-93 in all those suitcases the MARS Staion, AB8AAC had at
Tay Nihn. I did a little time operating there to get out of the hospital
ward when wounded. It really did cost me an "arm and a leg" to touch a
KWM-2A. An AK round through the left forearm and another through the right
thigh. 21 Feb 69.

Emil  WD4SCZ

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> Boy does that bring back memories...Lugging those suitcases all over
> Vietnam...Watching Air Force dudes throwing them out of the back of
> airplanes...Crew chiefs on Huey's dropping them to the ground ..They
> survived... NO one today makes a suitcase like those were...
> Bob W1PE

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