Mica Capacitors Available

William Morton w_b_morton at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 17 23:04:57 EST 2010

Hello All,

'Waste not, want not.'

I have a small cigar box nearly filled with a variety of mica capacitors.  Most are used and dusty but with serviceable leads.  Brands include Sangamo, Cornell Dublier, etc.

As per earlier messages, these parts are available for shipping costs and a contribution to your favorite (legitimate) charity.  As I am sending these out for a friend I would like to know the charity.  I will pass the info along so he will know more than one party has benefited from the parts.

Estimated shipping cost is $6.  Please send via PayPal (w_b_morton at hotmail.com).

Thank you for your consideration.  Hopefully these will be useful to someone.  

Best Regards,

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