Anyone know a source for Johnson Viking little white knob pointers or from what to make them?

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Tue Nov 23 12:39:12 EST 2010

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH


--- On Tue, 11/23/10, Mike Langner <mlangner at SWCP.COM> wrote:

I've just brought a Johnson Viking Challenger back to life -- it needs the little white cylindrical knob pointers that protrude from under the lip of many of the knobs acting as knob pointers.  They appear to be the same as the ones on the Navigator and the 6N2.  They may be the same as the Ranger & Valiant series, although the Ranger & Valiant series white cylindrical knob pointers mount on the face of the knobs, pointing outward.
Anyone know of a source for replacement little white pointers or might suggest a stock I can cut them from?
I've tried all my white-shaft tuner screwdriver shanks and everything else I can find around the house.
If there is no source for true replica parts, I'll go shopping for skinny white knitting needles to cut up, or anything else like that which may be a similar shaft stock.
When the Challenger's pointers are taken care of, I'll make it available here, then on eBay.  I'd love for someone who may have used one in their
> early ham radio days and would like one now to become a good home for it at a friendly price.


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