Ultrasonic cleaning

Bob Jackson bob at NOFROWNS.NET
Thu Nov 25 11:59:07 EST 2010

1st - Happy Turkey Day to all!

2nd - I'm considering buying a small ultrasonic cleaner (usc) to de-gunk small parts from neglected radios that I'm restoring. Without buying "official" usc fluid, what would be a good substitute(s)? I'm thinking a 1:1 of water and 409 or something similar.

Also, I read an article recently where the user didn't put the parts directly in the fluid. Rather, he filled the usc tank with water and then put the parts in a seperate container with the usc fluid and then put that container in the usc. He claimed that the usc vibrations would "shake" the second container enough to clean the parts and therefore he wouldn't ever have to drain/clean the usc tank. Comments? Suggections?

73 and thanks,

Bob  AG5X

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