Replacement power cords

Bob Jackson bob at NOFROWNS.NET
Sat Nov 27 14:49:09 EST 2010

Q1: Does anyone have a source for 2-prong, 120v, polarized power cords used to replace unpolarized ones. That is, plug on one end and bare wire on the other? Plan B is to find the polarized plugs and DIY them with some 16ga striped wire. The project is to "de-shock" such radios as the Halli S-38 that can have a hot chassis under some circumstances.

Q2: While I'm at it, I plan to install either type X or type Y bypass caps in the mains as much to help reduce noise as add'l protection against shock hazard. Does anyone have any G2 on which may be the better approach?

Many thanks and 73 to all,

Bob  AG5X

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