Viking Challenger For Sale --

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Fri Nov 26 14:52:52 EST 2010

Hello, everyone !

I just finished repairing a Johnson Viking Challenger.

I'd like to offer it here first.

Photos on request.

Specifics:  makes 82 watts on 80m, 80 watts on 40m, 78 watts on 20m, 74
watts on 15m, 46 watts on 10m, and 9 watts on 6m according to my Bird
wattmeter with the proper slugs, and my Bird Termaline.

Uses clamp tube (screen) modulation for excellent sounding AM when I use the
mic that belongs to one of my Heath Twoers.  Being screen (not
controlled-carrier) modulation, power output drops to 36 watts on 80m with
similar reductions on the other bands. Does not come with a microphone.

Known flaws: there is some paint on a part of the power cord, some scratches
on the top of the cabinet, a square hole that can only be seen when the
chassis is out of the cabinet on the rear lip of the chassis where it
appears someone was going to install a Jones socket -- but since there is no
corresponding hole in the cabinet, it's invisible and hidden.  The white
knob pointers are replicas. I will include some of the white rod-stock I
used to make the replicas in the event that the next owner would like to try
to make even better looking ones.  There is a small scratch on the meter's
plastic front encasement. The microphone connector, an RCA phono socket
originally, has been replaced with a standard screw-on microphone socket --
the kind that's almost like a coax connector -- and indeed if you take a
PL-259 and cut the center pin down to a very short length, a PL-259 will
thread on it.  I want to say it's an MC series, but perhaps someone with a
better memory than mine will correct me --

I replaced a number of off-value resistors and a couple of bad
electrolytics, and neutralized the transmitter.  That was all it took to
return it to on-the-air condition!

If it doesn't go to a good home here, I'll end up putting it on eBay.

Price (with money-back guarantee) $85 plus shipping from Albuquerque, NM,

Thanks for any possible interest you may have !


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