Some parts available: Cloth Insulated Wire, Meissner Coils, Connectors, Etc.

William Morton w_b_morton at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 30 23:49:12 EDT 2010

Hello All,

Too many projects and too little time.  And WAF is running thin....  :)

For your consideration:

1.  Cloth insulated wire.  I had an opportunity to salvage a wiring harness from an old organ having vacuum tube (12SN7GT) tone generators.  The overall length is about 7 feet although not all wires are of that length.  A conservative estimate of total length of all the wires within the bundle is at least 100 feet.  The insulation colors are green and blue.  Nice and pretty.  I have not inspected every wire, but the ones I have looked at are all single strand and small gauge.  I will also include some bits from an old WWII radio having varying lengths from a couple inches to perhaps a foot, with a piece or two of vintage shielded wire as well.

2.  Ferrite (?) cores.  From the organ mentioned above.  These were stacked on long brass 6-32 screws and stuck through the middle of some rather large inductors.  Each core measures about 1 1/8th inch long, 3/8 inch OD.  Some of the brass screws had 2 on them, others had 3.  Hmm..... what could these be used for?  Slice them up to make custom coils?   At last count I had 23 screws with cores on them, so I would say there are at least 46 of these things.

3.  Meissner Coils.  Qty 2 of 14-1033 456 KC Oscillating coil.  My non-calibrated LCR meters measures one of them at 80 uH, the other at 87 uH.  One original Meissner box contains both and includes the small schematic sheets for each.  They look unused to me.  The second type of coil is qty 1 of 14-1022 B.C. Antenna Coil, also in the original Meissner box.  According to the data sheet in the box, it is used for RF or antenna circuits.  This one is used but in good physical shape.  Of the two windings on the unit, one measures 163 uH and the other measures 1.12 mH.  As I am not familiar with radio circuitry, I do not know if these values are sensible for the purposes stated on the data sheets.

4.  Vector socket turrets.  At least 1, but maybe 2 or 3 of them if I can find all the bits.  These are really neat thingies for the talented assembler.  My clumsy fingers need quite a bit of space for layout and soldering so I won't be attempting to use them.  These are comprised of a can roughly 2 inches square by about 2 1/2 inches tall.  The bottom has a male octal connector and the top has two 9-pin female sockets.  The 9-pin sockets have a collar for a tube shield.

Now for the fine print:  These are available for reasonable shipping costs and a contribution to your favorite legitimate charity.  If any of these are incredibly rare, I wouldn't mind a donation myself but the main point is to get these into the hands of folks who will put them to good use.  The coils and Vector items are from a retired couple's garage sale.  The gentleman is retired from an electronics/magnetics career and had quite a collection of parts.  I promised them I would either use all the items I purchased or pass them along to someone who would. 

If anyone is interested, please respond via my email address below.  I would appreciate payments for shipping through PayPal (i.d. is the same as my email address below).

Best Regards to All,

w_b_morton at
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