Great new antenna

John Kolb jlkolb at JLKOLB.CTS.COM
Sun Oct 31 01:13:48 EDT 2010

When I worked for Patriot Scientific, we got 1 or more patents for antennas
consisting of tubes of ionized gas.  One application would have been 
for stealth
applications - when the gas wasn't ionized, there would not be radar 
from it.


At 08:04 AM 10/30/2010, Daniel Donnelly wrote:
>Hello all;
>Just opened an e-mail from the Southgate Radio Amateur Club ( England)
>and much to my surprise the second item in their news was an article
>about a multi band antemma. Nothing unusual about that, what was
>unusual was the way the antenna worked, it worked by pumping a stream
>of (salt) water into the air!
>when I went to the designers website, his demonstration actually
>showed him transmitting on 2 mtrs !!!

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