All Spoken For: Wire, Ferrite Cores, Coils, Turrets

William Morton w_b_morton at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 31 11:42:24 EDT 2010

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the interest in these things.  All parts have been spoken for.  

With the way Hotmail is now working, I am not so sure of who responds when and who ends up seeing the replies.  My mailbox now shows one long email chain in the outbox even though I sent out more than one reply.  My inbox also shows a long chain as well.   

This bothers me as I am concerned that I end up not addressing inquiries in the right order.  So, for anyone whose request could not be met this time I hope I have not caused consternation.  As stated earlier, my goal is to find homes for parts folks need and find interesting - not to rile anyone.

Constructive comments welcome.

Best Regards,

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