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Daniel Donnelly kc7vda at GMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 31 11:43:41 EDT 2010

Interesting how many modern "inventions" are accurately predicted in
science fiction.
case in point, in Hugo Gernsbacks 1920 sciencw fiction story, " Ralph 124C41"
Ralph, an electrical researcer, has an "electodetection device"
(Radar) that he employs  to find fhe villians space craft,
Ralph also uses elecrical stimulation to restart the heroine's heart.
Arther C. Clart in another 1935 story got in hot water when he detailed exact
 information on the construction and detination of an atomic bomb.

Etc, etc, etc.
I could go on all day, but I have to wonder if the science came first
or ... if a budding scientist read the story and later saw the
connection ? Is it the chicken or the egg?


On 10/30/10, John Kolb <jlkolb at> wrote:
> When I worked for Patriot Scientific, we got 1 or more patents for antennas
> consisting of tubes of ionized gas.  One application would have been
> for stealth
> applications - when the gas wasn't ionized, there would not be radar
> reflections
> from it.
> John
> At 08:04 AM 10/30/2010, Daniel Donnelly wrote:
>>Hello all;
>>Just opened an e-mail from the Southgate Radio Amateur Club ( England)
>>and much to my surprise the second item in their news was an article
>>about a multi band antemma. Nothing unusual about that, what was
>>unusual was the way the antenna worked, it worked by pumping a stream
>>of (salt) water into the air!
>>when I went to the designers website, his demonstration actually
>>showed him transmitting on 2 mtrs !!!

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