Looking for Merit A3129 Audio Output Transformer

William Morton w_b_morton at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 15 22:44:25 EDT 2010

Hello All,
I recently came into possession of a NOS Merit A3129 output transformer.  The description is 4.3K primary impedance, 25 watt PP.  I am now keeping my eyes open for another one in order to create a stereo amplifier.  Anyone out there have one available for a reasonable price?   It does not need to be NOS but in very good physical shape and in trustworthy physical condition.
It looks like an interesting transformer in that it has dedicated windings meant for feedback.  The data sheet mentions it is meant for amplifier designs using a transformer driver with split secondaries (and suggests a couple of Merit transformers for that purpose).  The feedback windings do not have to be used if not desired, as long as the PP setup is matched for its 4.3k input impedance.
So, assuming I get my hands on matching transformer, I may just come back to the BA crowd asking for suggestions on driver transformers and potential tube setups.  (I want learn how to design, but it is probably best to have a teacher or two.  Or three.)
Best Regards,
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