Transmitter Plate Transformers Free To A Good Home

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Sun Sep 19 12:16:01 EDT 2010

Hello everyone !

I've been hanging on to two plate transformers in the one to two kilowatt
range for years.

Up 'till retirement some years back, our family owned a couple of broadcast
stations.  I'd gotten these transformers surplus to be emergency substitutes
in the event of a lightning hit or similar.  While they wouldn't have run
our 10 kW FM transmitter at "full tilt," they would have kept us "on the

So now they're up for grabs -- free to a good home.
Stancor 52C046

Which I believe is a BC-610 transformer.  If so, it should be rated at -

117 VAC tapped to provide 4000 or 5000 V.C.T. @ 500 ma.

And, an

American Transformer Co. model 26579

6200 VCT 2 kV

I'll figure out how to get them to UPS if you want either or both of them.
Then I'll ask that you purchase the UPS "Pack and Ship Promise" shipping and
have them crated since they're very heavy!

If anyone's interested in one or both of them, I'll Hi-Pot test them and
make certain there are no shorts and that with AC on the primary they make
proper voltage on the secondary.

If anyone is in a position to pick them up or to send someone for them that
person will get priority interest.  As a 68 year old heart attack survivor,
I really would prefer not to be lifting them!!

Many, many thanks !


Mike Langner
Albuquerque, NM

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