[Boatanchors] Novelty Transistor Radio Collection

w4ron at carolina.rr.com w4ron at carolina.rr.com
Sun Aug 7 02:41:01 EDT 2011

I've spent a good better part of the last 4 days dusting 
and them photographing my novelty transistor radio collection.
This hasn't been done in years, I had forgotten how much 
trouble it was to dust these things.
If you're interested I put them on 3 web pages, there are 210


I never really wanted to collect these things, I got
into it by accident. Another collector I know was buying them
long before anyone else I know was interested in them.
About this time I was doing a lot of flea markets and yard sales
every weekend and I'd find them for .25 -.50 -$1.00, I buy up
a grocery bag full and trade them to him. I got some good stuff
this way. I thought "hey this works great, I'll buy some more", before long he ran out of anything to trade, the next thing I knew I had 50 of them, then a hundred, then two hundred...

It got to be a way to feed the collecting fever. Collecting
is like a drug addiction, you go out hunting and don't find
anything and you come home bummed out, but if you could at
least pick up a neat novelty radio or 2 for cheap it'd fed the
collecting fever.

I sure wish I could find someone that wanted to get started
collecting them, I'd sell the whole bunch. I could sure
use the shelf space for something else.

73, RON w4ron
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