[Boatanchors] Tallest horn speaker

w4ron at carolina.rr.com w4ron at carolina.rr.com
Sat Dec 3 05:35:49 EST 2011

What's the tallest horn speaker you know of?
In my collection of 45 battery era horn speakers
my Jewett Super Speaker at 31 1/2" is the tallest.

I'm trying to plan the rebuilding of Radio Heaven
my antique radio museum and would like to put the top
shelf that holds horn and cone speakers as high
as possible.

How tall is a Harold horn?
I can't think of anything else that's in this size
category, can you?

My museum has grown and evolved over it's 21 year life.
The only real planning that was done in the beginning
was to put my Atwater Kent collection one the
main long wall that you see first when you enter the
room. Everything else has been changed around to
suit new additions to the collection over the years.
If everything works out most of the room is going 
to be completely turned around when it's all put back.

73, RON w4ron
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