[Boatanchors] Question about inductance...

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 3 22:29:31 EST 2011

Hello All,

I have a question regarding the measurement of inductance vs. current.  I have a pair of chokes rated at 0.15H @ 1.3A and would like to know if it is worth investigating their inductance at currents on the order of 0.250A so I can use them in a power supply.  DC resistance is about 3.5 ohms, so I wouldn't be losing much voltage at all.  Max voltage would be under 600V, so not too high.

Details regarding the markings on the chokes:  part number is 'SB16355', rating '0.15H1.3A', 'serial 14', what I think is a date code '7:64'.

I happened to find a website (http://www.qsl.net/kh6grt/page4/516powersupply/516powersupply.htm) had a link to a circuit (www.reed-electronics.com/ednmag/archives/1995/070695/14di4.htm) but that link leads to a dead end.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful.  Of course if anyone sees potential danger here, feel free to raise the alarm.

Happy Holidays and Best Regards,


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