[Boatanchors] OT Hickok Tube Tester Question

Al Parker anchor at ec.rr.com
Sun Dec 18 13:18:40 EST 2011

I said that backwards I guess,
	but anyhow, I think you're setting the wrong dial to 13.

On 12/18/2011 1:11 PM, Al Parker wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> 	The "English" setting is there so you can judge a tube's quality with
> the poor-fair-good scales.  If you want to know the actual Gm, use the
> 73/86/92 settings.
> 	But, I suspect you've set the bias dial to 13, not the shunt dial.  A
> 13 on the shunt dial would give a full scale reading of way less than
> 2000 Gm, since a setting of 73 gives f.s. of 3000.  Thus you're pinning
> the needle.
> 	Hope this helps,
> 73,
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> On 12/16/2011 6:12 PM, Bob Jackson wrote:
>> Just got my first Hickok tube tester (600A) and am a bit confused about testing for Gm. The manual says the English dial has three settings that set the Gm range on the meter: 73, 86&   92 - 0-3000, 0-6000 and 0-12000 resp. However, many of the tubes specify a very different English setting, e.g. 13 for a 6SK7 ("good" Gm of 2000 in the data book). Using 13 and pressing button P4, the meter needle not only pegs, it vibrates. Resetting the English dial back to 73 (0-3000 range) doesn't send the needle to the peg. Can someone tell me when to use the three range settings and when to use the other settings? HELP??
>> Bob  AG5X

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