[Boatanchors] Regenerative Receivers etc

Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Sat Dec 17 01:44:37 EST 2011

  Are there any mailing list specific to regenerative, superregen or Armstong specifically?
I have been doing a good deal of on the super regeneative receiver theory and find it 
quite interesting and now think how Armstrong may have stumbled over the concept.
  An super regeneration has been recently explored in systems beyond radio.
  One has been using lasers as super regenerative detectors. Quenching them just as you would
in a receiver but using much different different methods. There has been a number of 
research papers written on the subject. 
  Armstrong, who probably achieved much more than others such as DeForest, Marconi or
Tesla to advance the science of RF is not discussed much today. 
   However you can fins swarms of Tesla Worshipers and Tesla cult websites. 
Boy, I bet I will get some flames about this issue.

Bill wa4lav

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