[Boatanchors] LED Replacements for #47 bulbs

doc at kd4e.com doc at kd4e.com
Tue Feb 8 15:11:23 EST 2011

For any who do not know, if you roughen the surface of an LED you
will cause the light to be more diffuse than focused.  That may help
with full-dial illumination.

> The LEDs from cointaker.com have arrived. Here's my very subjective
> evaluation ...
>     The blue, red and green ones have the most intense color and look
>     great as dial lamps.
>     The purple ones give off a "sexy blue" light also pretty intense.
>     The orange one is the next in color saturation with yellow and pink
>     being the least saturated.
>     Both the "cool white" (faint bluish tint) and the "normal white"
>     give off lots of illumination, but seemingly not quite as much as
>     the #47 bulb.
> Also of note is the fact that the actual "bulb" portion of the LEDs
> isn't as tall/long as the 47 bulb's. This means that iin some mounts,
> like the horizontal one in my HQ-140-X, there may need to be an
> adjustment to the lamps position to fully illuminate the dial. Mounts
> that point the bulb at the dial should be OK without any adjustment. The
> metal base of the LED lamps is the same as the 47 bulbs so that
> exchanging them is easy.
> At only 69 cents each and simple 1st class postage for shipping, this
> was cheap and easy FUN!
> Bob AG5X


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