[Boatanchors] HV Plug & Jack

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Fri Feb 4 11:53:15 EST 2011

Pair of binding posts on a plastic plate?

Push in speaker connector from an old tuner?

Or do like my Dad and run a pirce of ripflex power cord to the transmitter...no connectors required!

Don't forget to include some sort of switch to short the mod xfmr secondary for CW, or make a shorting pigtail for the binding posts.  Little knofe switch is good too, but Dad used a toggle switch...worked for many years and I still have the rig!

Pretend there aren't any vendors and see what you can do!

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  Dear Anchorites,

  I have just homebrewed a push pull 6L6 50 watt plate modulator.

  Does anyone have any ideas on where I can purchase the contacts

  or plug and jack to connect the mod iron to the xmtr.

  With my calculations I think somewhere in the 2KV range is what 

  I'm looking for. If I don't have to go to an over priced vendor, I'll

  be a happy camper.


  Tnx before hand for some advice. 




  Regards & 73's,

    Vic Gagliano WA2ARQ

     wa2arq at verizon.net





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